Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Great Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Also known as “Singles Appreciation Day”, you do not always need to have a boyfriend – or girlfriend – to have fun on February 14th. If you do have a significant other, more power to you! If not, read on to find great things to do on Valentine’s Day.
No matter whom you decide to spend the day with, these ideas will allow you to feel loved and 
make others feel the same!

1.     Go to Yoga: Maybe take your loved one, or go by yourself and enjoy some alone time.
2.     Volunteer:  There are many places you can volunteer including homeless shelters, boys and girls clubs, and food banks. 
 3.  Go to a dinner and have all your couple friends/single friends meet you out – your choice.
4.     Make cookies or any other kind of treat for everyone in the office!
5.     Carry around Valentine’s… and when you see someone who looks like they need a pick-me-up…give one to them.
6.     Walk a rescue dog. Call an animal shelter and see if any offer this service for their animals and animal lovers.
7.     Throw a Party for Family and Friends: Set a theme and go with it. This year, Mardi Gras is on Tuesday the 12th. This would be a great theme!
     8.     Plan a trip for the weekend with all your best friends! 
     9.      Do the usual…dinner date. Party of 1? This can be a very interesting time to people watch.
     10.  The best one yet…do some online shopping and treat yourself to some great early spring fashions. Check some out at…  
     Whatever you do, make sure it's a Valentine's Day to remember!  

 Happy Shopping and Happy Valentine's (Singles Appreciation Day),


Friday, January 18, 2013

One Sweater – 5 Unique Looks!

Distinctive, Hand knit, Versatile, Signature, and Oversized. These are all words that describe this great new fashion statement by PURE. Not only do the oversized coconut buttons cause this wrap to be a head-turner, but you can do it 5 days a week and not be caught!

           This wrap can be worn on day one as a shoulder wrap, day two as a side wrap, a skirt on day three, a one shoulder sash on day four and day five try turning it around so the buttons are on your back (a favorite of ours). 

        Go to OneLittleBox to view these and other great styles by PURE.

Happy Shopping, 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

‘Tis the Season of Winter Fashion

Winter is coming – and even better – so are the holidays. This is a time for family, fun, giving and of course – looking great. We want to make sure you know exactly what’s hot when your schedule is piled high with dinners, parties and traveling.

COLOR BLOCKING. This trend has been back and forth in the fashion world, but it’s here and brighter than ever. Color blocking outfits can flatter your figure with the division of color. Use bright colors to accentuate the part of your body you love and the darker to suppress those you don’t. It’s genius.

What you need to remember about color blocking is very easy: Use one bright color, one bold color and one neutral. Rashida Jones and Stella McCartney both pop out of this photo with their great color combos. Stella even went for the duo of colors which is great for elongating the legs.

Other great trios…
Orange, Purple, Black
Navy Blue, Hot Pink, White
Coral, Cobalt Blue, Grey

The colored jean craze makes color blocking so much easier. Match a bright color with an opposite color shirt and you are good to go!

BIG SCARVES. Heavy and soft scarves are another trend on the horizon for winter. This great accessory adds color, texture and warmth to any outfit and can be recycled from the fall collection you probably already have. This Tolani scarf Jessica Alba is wearing is very popular. Leopard scarves are a great way to add style to a simple color scheme. We all know black is a huge hit during the winter months. This pattern will spice up the outfit perfectly.

FAUX FUR. This trend can either be done subtly, or strikingly! It looks great on a collar for a hint of chic, but it also can be worn as a vest (our favorite). Rihanna is rocking the collar faux fur and it gives her outfit a “cool” element. Whereas, Kim K is showing fur from neck to hips. Remember, earth tone and deep bold colors go great with this trend. If you want to be comfortable, try jeans and a vest. If you are going out or to a dinner party, try wearing a dress with a fur coat.

Stay warm and cute!

Happy Shopping,